Re:CP | 2001

Produced in collaboration with inspirational architect and thinker Cedric Price, this book was delivered on the day that Cedric sadly passed away. It's designed in the form of a notebook. Cedric reacted against anything that was monumental or definitive and joked with us that he wanted the opportunity to go to the printer and write comments on the printing plates in case he had changed mind about anything he had said.

Despite his age and his appetite for whisky and cigars for breakfast his recall was phenominal and every tale was told with a glint in his eye. A great man. Cheers Cedric!

Cedric Price claimed that cooking is a good metaphor for architecture - a spontaneous and creative process in which design ideas can be developed, constructed and submitted to the user / consumer for approval in a single sitting. This is a collection of CP's finest architectural recipes. One of Britain's most influential architectural thinkers, Price inspired generations of architects with his radical conceptual approach. He argued against the production of confining, functional spaces and sought to analyse the motivations that might give rise to a structure in the first place. "Technology is the answer," he said, "but has the right question been asked?" Re:CP contains a selection of Price's inimitable writings and drawings, as well as contributions from Arata Isozaki, Patrick Keiller and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Edited by Nick Barley
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